David Tadlock has over 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications, data communications, and physical security industries. Mr. Tadlock has enjoyed many positions within the organizations he served, including, VP of Operations, VP of Sales, Technical Sales, Sales Engineer, and Project Manager.Mr. Tadlock has designed, built, and implemented the communications, and security networks for thousands of organizations, both locally and nationally during his career.

After attending Colorado State University, and after 3 years in commercial real estate brokerage in the mid 1980’s, he worked for MCI in the commercial markets in Colorado developing local and national wide area data networks. His success led him to his involvement and expansion of nationally recognized consumer market.

Post-MCI, Mr. Tadlock joined his local family business. This local business was a valued added reseller (VAR) business telephone system, wiring infrastructures, and physical security systems, as well as, a Master Agent for US West Communications (now Century Link).

Mr. Tadlock spent the last 5 years growing and expanding the business and profits for a privately owned MSP located in Denver, Colorado. He was determined to pursue his passion, education and technology by serving private, charter, and public schools districts within the State of Colorado.

Mr. Tadlock spent 3 years  involved with the Colorado Department of Education, Capital Construction Assistance Board (BEST Board), where he served as the Board Vice-Chair, with Technology Expertise. He is appointed jointly by the Minority Leaders of the House and Senate.   Along with many others, he was instrumental in development of the latest Colorado Construction Guidelines for Colorado School including the addition of Security platforms that are meaningful and impactful for the safety and security of our student, faculty and administration throughout the State of Colorado

In 2008, the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Board (CCAB) was created within the Colorado Department of Education. The CCAB was given powers and duties described throughout C.R.S.22-43.7.The CCAB is composed of nine appointed members: one public school board member, one public school superintendent, two school facilities planners or managers, one architect, one engineer, one construction manager, one school technology expert, and one public school finance expert. –

See more at: https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdefinance/capconstccab

David currently resides in Denver and is a native of Lakewood, Colorado. He is an avid sports enthusiast for local sports at both the professional and local level. David has two grown sons and is the proud father of a US Marine. Mr. Tadlock volunteers his time on multiple technology committees for private and charter schools. David also mentors for “The Big Idea Project”

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